TreeCity Consulting Group Team

Driven and Dedicated Solely to the Cannabis Industry

Dispensary CEO/COO - Dispensary owner/operator // Education of local and national groups on all industry specific seed-to-sale activities ; propagation, cultivation, post processing, branding, marketing, POS // inventory control, packaging and handling, // legal statutes and navigation // waste and energy management w/ heavy focus on process & process control // quality control systems and standards.

Legal - One of the biggest hazards for dispensaries is the legal system. Legislation is always changing and evolving. This is a heavily regulated industry; one mistake can be the end of your career. The majority of attorneys do not have any case experience with medical marijuana. Our legal team has spent the past decade navigating the ever-changing legal cannabis landscape with great success.

Plant Physiologist & Biochemist - Specializing in controlled environmental agriculture and horticultural engineering for Cannabis Sativa L. Experienced in research, development, production and processing. Chief Plant Scientist and Staff R&D Manager for international bio-stimulant and liquid fertilizer manufacturing company.

Aseptic Engineer - Director of Engineering, Manufacturing & Quality Systems. 25+ years of facilities design, environmental design, and management in the pharmaceutical industry. Aseptic ISO Class 5 environmental design following ISO 14644 -1 through ISO 14644-10, incorporating all ISPE (International Standards for Pharmaceutical Engineering) standards, through science based risk management approaches.

Operations Specialist - Certified Lean/Six Sigma G.B. Certified OSHA General Industry. 15 years in Manufacturing/Quality Engineering. ISO 9001 Auditor. Leadership & Training Management Consulting.

Chemical Engineer - 40+ years of experience, revolutionized wastewater treatment and air filtration for the CCWWT, Las Vegas Strip, the most advanced wastewater treatment plant in the United States. All theories and designs have been applied to commercial cannabis production flawlessly.

Mechanical Engineer - 40+ years of experience in Refrigeration, Heating, Air Filtration, Make-up Air modalities. Revolutionized the CCWWT (Clark County Wastewater Treatment) all proprietary theories and cleaning modalities have been successfully applied to the commercial production of cannabis.

Structural Engineer - 40+ Years of experience with Western Summit.

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